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Investigations and Applications of Microscopy

LT-SEM of Snow Crystals

Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscope image

Electron Microscopy of Foods and Microorganisms

facinating site on the scanning electron microscopy of foods and food born bacteria. Images and articles from several microscopist are included.

Primer Gunshot Residue Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive

The site includes the recommended guidelines for the forensic examination of gunshot residues by scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive analsysis, a gallery of scanning electron microscope images and the results of contamination studies,

Microscopy and Hygiene

This easy to read article in pdf format presents examples of the uses electron microscopy to characterize bacteria and fungi in our digestive tract, on our skin, on money, and in food. There are many false colored images.

Microscopist's Profiles and Biographies

Charles Oatley: Pioneer of scanning electron microscopy

Charles Oatley stands with Manfred von Ardenne as one of the two great pioneers of scanning electron microscopy. Oatley's pioneering work led directly to the launch of the world's first series production instrument - the Stereoscan - in 1965.

Forums, News Groups, and Listservers in Microscopy

Microscopy Listserver

The Microscopy Listserver/Mailreflector System is a telecommunication (Email) based discussion forum giving members of the scientific community a centralized Internet address to which questions/comments/answers in the various fields of Microscopy or Microanalysis can be rapidly distributed to a list of (subscribed) individuals by electronic mail.

Microscopy Image Galleries

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy

Dennis, well known for his scanning electron microscope images, also has an Image Library that includes stunning polarized light microscope images of drugs, vitamins, hormones, amino acids, proteins, and other crystalline specimens.

Images from SEMs and TEMS

France Bourély Microspace Photographer

Stunning scanning electron microscope images taken by France Bourély. France is a scientist, an artist, and explorer. Her images capture both the beauty of the wonderment of the microscopic world

FEI Company's photostream

Images submitted to FEI's users image contest.

FEI Image Gallery

Images from scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscope images, DualBeam instruments, and focussed ion beam. The site includes images taken by users of FEI instruments and by FEI. the images are organized by instrument and by area of interest.

MEMS Image Gallery

Scanning electron microscope images of Silicon-Based MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS). Image categories include Bugs on MEMS, Dynamometer, Gears and Transmissions, Indexing Motors, Linear Racks, Microengines, Mirrors, Optical Encoders Shutters, Steam Engines, and Torsional Racheting Actuator. All images can be reproduct with credit to Sandia National Laboratories.

Amazing Close-Ups of Seeds

The diveristy of shape and beauty of the seeds are seen in stunning scanning electron microscope images taken by Rob Kesseler. The images are included in a book with the Millennium Seed Bank seed morphologist Wolfgang Stuppy that tells the story of seeds and seed evolution.

A New Phytopia and PHY-TOPIC

Stunning scanning electron microscope images of seeds and plants taken by artist Rob Kessler during a fellowship from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and arts to work with microscopic plant material. A summary is available in a link to the pdf file A New Phytopia.

Introductions and Briefs

How Scanning Electron Microscopes Work

Electron Microscopy for Dummies

An overview that includes electron microscope techniques, specimen preparation, cryo, Single Particle Reconstruction

Scanning Electron Microscope Basics

A detailed interactive animation that illustrate the basics of imaging in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

Neuroscience’s Block Party

This is an easy to read overview of Serial block-face electron microscopy (SBEM). SBEM is where a utralmicrotome holding and embedded sample stained with metal ions is placed in the chamber of scanning electron microscope is providing high resolution images of cellular and subcellular organizaition.

Technical Overviews of Microscopes and Microscopy

Electron microscope (FESEM)

Includes technical introduction to scanning and transmission electron microscopy with emphasise on FESEM and image gallery.

Learning Resources from FEI

Learn about the basics and capabilities of electron microscopy.

Electron Microscopy

The goal of this site is to explain the basics of most electron microscopy methods without giving too much of the complex theory and mathematics behind it. Thus, reading these pages can in no way substitute the study of textbooks.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

SEM Course Notes

Scanning Electron Microscopy course notes covers the basics of electron beam formation and sample interactions.

SEM: Scanning Electron Microscope A to Z – Basic Knowledge for Using the SEM

An Ebook that includes the basic principals of operation, image display, the role of secondary and backscattered electron detectors, and the vacuum system. Further explanation of the SEM includes edge effect, the influence of accelerating voltage, the illumination effect of secondary and backscatter electron detectors, techniques for improving image resolution, benefits of different types of electron guns, elemental analysis, and sample preparation.


A compilation of frequently asked questions received by the JEOL staff during demonstrations and training. Such as: how to mount powder samples, selecting the accelerating voltage, stereoscopic observation techniques, and more.

Focused Ion Beam Systems and Dualbeam Systems

A section on focussed ion beam instruments is included in the FEI booklet "An Introduction to Electron Microscopy". The booklet is an excellent overview of of electron microscopy and nanotechnology for students and teachers. It is available as a pdf for download.

Software for Image Analysis and Microscopy

The Virtual Microscope

The Virtual Microscope, which is available for free download supports functionality from electron, light, and scanning probe microscopes, datasets for these instruments, training materials to learn more about microscopy, and other related tools.

Web Portals and Guides for Microscopes and Microscopy

Electron Microscopy on the WWW

More Helpful Sites

Techniques Used in Microscopy

Nanomagnetic Imaging

NIST researchers have developed a modified form of scanning electron microscopy that can reveal the magnetic characteristics of such a surface without disturbing the magnetization.

Simultaneous Correlative Scanning Electron and High-NA Fluorescence Microscopy

The article describes an integrated scanning electron microscope and high numerical aperture epi-fluorescence microscope where the electron and optical axes aligned parallel to each other. This allows simultaneous imaging of the samples.

Development of Microscope Technology

ESEM Development and its Future

Dr. Danilatos pioneered the development of the Environmental scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) starting 1978. The site includes an overview of the technology and the history of it's development. Included are a listing of patents and publications. Dr.

The Early History and Development of The Scanning Electron Microscope

Exploring the Microworld

7 Normal Things That Become Horror Movies Under a Microscope

Ever wonder what a strawberry or Pop-Tart looks like at high magnification using a scanning electron microscope? Or why passing a kindey stone can be so painfull?